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Skills Clinic

By Staff, 03/27/17, 11:00AM EDT


Sharpen your skills!

This is a great camp for first time volley players or seasoned players who want to sharpen their skills. Our coaching staff will teach them the fundamentals or the advanced techniques in these smaller clinic class sizes.

Coaches will cover the techniques of serving and passing, setting and hitting. Players will also have the opportunity to challenge themselves if they want to try out some more advanced stuff. There will be plenty of time to test out their new skills during games and real match play as well!  This camp is geared towards introducing new athletes to the game or teaching advanced skills to seasoned athlete. 

* We are offering skills camps after each regular day camp is over.  Your child could bring there lunch and have a supervised lunch in our facility for an hour then start a skills clinic at 2.
Mondays - Setters
Tuesday - Outside Hitters
Wednesdays - Middle Blockers
Thursdays - Libero/ DS

Cost (2hrs):                          $60
Sunday Combo (4hrs):  $90

July 9:  3-5pm   Setters
                5-7pm    Outside Hitters

*Setters could stay for second sessions to put what they learned to the test!

July 16:  3-5pm   Middle Blockers
                    5-7pm   Right Side

July 23:  3-5pm   Outside Hitters
                    5-7pm   Setters

* OH can stay and get some extra reps from the setters and use what they just learned.

July 30:  3-5pm   Libero/ DS
                    5-7pm   Setters

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